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Rediscovering your youth,
One day at a time.


Younger Bodies

Owner of Younger Bodies

24/7 Access

People are constantly striving for accountability and motivation. Through online coaching, you have instant access to both--and more!

No Time Constraints

Without the need to coordinate schedules or locations, online coaching allows you the freedom to complete your programming on your watch, wherever you may be.

Cost Effective

The price difference cannot be denied. Many of the fitness world's "top trainers" will charge more for a single, 30 minute session than they will charge for a month of online programming! 




For as long as I can remember, being active has always been my desired lifestyle. Throughout my years of running more than 26 marathons, competing in multiple national-level bodybuilding competitions, and tackling workouts in Crossfit, my love for fitness became more prevalent than ever thought possible.

From my personal love for and commitment to an active and wholesome lifestyle has stemmed my passion to help others in achieving their best and healthiest life possible.  

Whether it means cleaning up your nutrition, developing a structured workout plan, drawing out a training plan for a 5k, or just simply putting together a plan to get you the best version of yourself, I am eager to begin helping you reach and shatter your goals.

Together, we can achieve success.


D R A W I N G  y o u r   d e s t I in a t i o n

des·ti·na·tion: the place to which someone or something is going or being sent; a journey's end.

With Younger Bodies, your chosen destination is 100% up to you. The path that will help you to reach your destination is up to us. Combining the knowledge of your past, present, and future health + fitness goals with my expertise in fitness and nutrition will result in you achieving your best lifestyle to date. 

From sun up to sun down, it is important to fuel your body for your daily needs as well as keeping your intake aligned with your short and long term goals. 

Daily nutrition plans (structured meal plans or macronutrient based) are created specifically for YOU. 

Sweating for the wedding, a family reunion, keeping up with the kids-- whatever your reason, weight loss can be and will be achieved. Together, we will take the steps necessary to drop your weight to a healthy, desired number. 

Programmed according to your abilities, goals, and desired improvements, workouts are written to match the frequency and intensity that best fits you. 

Whether you want to be able to run 2 miles with ease or successfully complete a marathon, your personalized training plan will get you across that finish line with confidence.

"Endurance" refers to your ability to exert yourself over a period of time. But how do we improve this? From nutrition to hydration to cardiovascular capacity + muscular health, all steps will be covered to take your endurance from 0 to 60. 


Because being stronger today is better than where you were yesterday. Strength + Conditioning combines speed drills, explosive movements, endurance training, and resistance movements to improve your overall strength and athletic abilities. 


When I mentioned my goals you had no hesitation if they were achievable. You take great care and put extensive thought into each workout with holistic planning to reach the end goal. You go above and beyond to provide emotional and moral support whenever I experience self-doubt. And my self-confidence has skyrocketed beyond my expectations. I have experienced so many personal bests with your programming and feel like an athlete again.


January 2018-Present

"Katie has done wonders with my diet, my food plan, my energy level, and has given me a whole  new perspective and appreciation of food!!  There wasn't much I was doing correctly before I met her, however, that has changed drastically for a completely healthier balance.  My weight has also gone from 213 to 204 in less than two months! 


December 2016-Present

"I stepped on stage for my first physique competition and couldn't have been happier with the package that I brought."


Fall 2014-Present

"Coach K has truly been a Godsend when it come's to my fitness and nutrition goals. She took the time to help me specify my specific goals and assess my current situation before providing me with a tailored nutrition and fitness program. With a schedule like mine I never imagined I would be able to see the results I have seen over the last several months. Katie is the real deal and will help take you from good to great on your timeline"

December 2017-Present

Katie really helped me transition to a healthier lifestyle. Before I started with training and using her nutrition I was sitting around 220 lbs. Over the course of 6 months I got down to 167 lbs and and about 7% body fat. Her coaching and nutrition expertise was truly life changing and has me think twice everyday about the things I'm putting in my body to fuel it. Her macro breakdown and portions allowed me to still eat plenty of food without being hungry at all. Being disciplined and following her instructions to the T can really be life changing for her future clients 

January 2016-Present

Katie kirschner


Columbus, Ohio

Tel: (614) 353-9578


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